Welcome to UnexplainedReality.com, the online home for the Unexplained Reality podcast. We are glad you have found us here on the web. If you subscribe to our podcast, we thank you for your friendship and loyalty. If you do not currently subscribe to our podcast, we please ask you to do so either via the link on the Home page or by searching Unexplained Reality on your favorite podcatcher. 

We are a father and son team who have an interest in the world around us. We are fascinated about the places, people, nature and laws of nature that make up this magnificent anomaly. Although we enjoy learning new things about every aspect of the world we live in, we have an exceptionally healthy appetite for those things in this world that are experienced, encountered or witnessed; that can’t be explained. To believe we know all there is to know about the forces at work and/or the creatures that exist in this world, is a naive stance to say the least. Our world is much more vast on a physical and supernatural level. You have experiences and encounters all over this globe that cannot be explained. Many times, these experiences and encounters are witnessed by hundreds and sometimes thousands of people with uncanny similarities in their details. However, in most cases these people are discounted or ridiculed and their experiences are unexplained. But in fact, to these people, these witnesses, their experience or encounter was very much real. Our purpose is to give those people, those witnesses a voice. To share their message and let them know that we do not claim to know all that exists in this world. We are not here to challenge your reality, we are here to share these tales and broaden the thoughts and understanding of the world around each and every one of us. As Sir Francis Bacon stated “Knowledge is Power”, that is our thoughts exactly!

Please come join us on this journey and explore what this universe has to offer. And as usual, if you have an encounter or experience you would like to share, please drop us an email or fill out the information under the Contact section at the top of the page.

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