The Traverspine Gorilla

The Traverspine Gorilla

An interesting tale from Labrador about a wildman encounter. Please check it out and subscribe to our good friend Hammerson Peter’s channel.

4 thoughts on “The Traverspine Gorilla

  1. In the early 1900’s, in the cold north of Canada, a young girl playing outside her home had an experience that would undoubtedly leave many individuals frightened, confused, and unsettled. The strange incident – which has gone on to become one of the more unique types of encounters on record – involved what is believed by many to be an extremely curious and disturbingly “friendly” bigfoot. The following information about the creature forever known as The Traverspine Gorilla comes from the 1933 book “True North”, the autobiography of author Elliot Merrick.

    1. Thanks for checking out our site! All of the stories that Hammerson Peters puts out are great. The wilds of Canada are loaded with tails of fascinating encounters and experiences.

  2. Thanks for that information! I will have to check that book out, I love all of the information and stories that Hammerson puts out. The ruggedness and wilds of Canada and the stories that comes out of it are just fascinating. Thanks for checking out my site!

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