Episode 43 – Nantahala Gorge Incident

Many people claim to have encounters with Sasquatch type creatures but not all are lucky enough or unlucky enough, as some may say, to actually see a creature. However, there are some incidents that occur where the only answer that makes sense is Sasquatch. In this episode we hear of just such and incident that took place in a remote section of the Nantahala Gorge in North Carolina.

Episode 42 – Sasquatch Omega

Today is the 19th anniversary of one of the worst days in American history. Everyone who was alive to witness this horrific tragedy has a story to tell about that day. Lots of lives were lost and lots of heroes were born. Now 19 years later, we are once again in the middle of a very trying time for our country. We hope everyone is staying safe and dodging this virus as best they can. With all the chaos that is our normal lives and now the pandemic, we were finally able to have a chat with Dave from Sasquatch Omega. We had a great time discussing all things sasquatch with the only limitation being the time we had. So, you can expect another episode in the coming weeks where we talk further about the big cheese of the cryptid world.

Sasquatch Omega

IG:  sasquatch_omega

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/SasquatchOmega

Unexplained Reality


IG: unexplained.reality

Twitter:  @unexp_reality

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClvAy2ounhEeAJ3P1H0F1Jg?view_as=subscriber

Episode 41 – Minnesota Crawler

On this episode of Unexplained Reality, we talk with Logan about his encounter with a crawler/rake type creature or entity while living in Minnesota. Along with his encounter in Minnesota, he shared other encounters he has had through his life. His numerous encounters show that some people are more sensitive to encounters of the unexplained that others. It almost seems that some people are able to attract these entities.

Episode 40 – Michigan Skinwalker

On this episode of Unexplained Reality we talk about the pandemic that we are all dealing with currently and how this virus has spread so rapidly across the globe. We also talk with Trevor from Michigan about his ominous early morning encounter while deer hunting. Although his encounter was brief and took place right before sunrise, some of the characteristics of his encounter are indicative of experiences that others have had. 

Episode 39 – Squatch Me Now

On this episode of Unexplained Reality we talk with Trey, who runs the Squatch Me Now Instagram account and SquatchMeNow.net, about all things Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti, Orang Pendek, Almasty…etc. Trey has been researching the subject for many years and has a wealth of information on the subject. So, grab some snacks and a drink and have a listen.

Here’s how you can reach Trey:

Squatch Me Now :

Instagram:  squatch_me_now

Website: SquatchMeNow.net

Episode 38 – Flying Humanoid in Kentucky

On this episode we discuss some interesting audio of unidentified creatures in the Canadian forest. Also, we talk with Benjamin from Kentucky who had a very interesting sighting of a cryptid which is very reminiscent of the mothman of Point Pleasant and the flying humanoid sightings that have been happening in Chicago over the past couple of years. 

Episode 37 – The Black Forest of Colorado

The Black Forest of Colorado has a rich history going back beyond the intrusions of the white man. Is it possible that the spirits of some of these ancient inhabitants are still there and making their presence known? Or is there a more conspiratory explanation? Also, tales of Bigfoot in an unsuspecting place in Colorado and other ramblings. Join us on our triumphant return and welcome Harlei to the show.

Episode 36 – South Carolina Sasquatch

There are many locations throughout the United States and indeed the world, where you would not expect to run into an undiscovered hair covered bipedal creature. South Carolina is one such location. However, there are numerous accounts of just such encounters from years back up to very recent reports. On this episode we talk with Glenn from Summerville, SC about a sighting he had as a kid and then some more recent encounters a good friend has had at his place on Lake Marion.

Episode 35 – The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one of the great adventures in the US. It offers adventure and beauty but also challenge, both physical and mental. However, there are countless stories of creepy encounters and other strange happenings over it’s 2100 plus miles. Join us on this episode as we just brush the surface of these tales from the AT.

Episode 34 – Little People Hunters

For centuries people have been encountering little people in the Pryor Mountains of Montana. These little people have been described as being very aggressive and intolerant of anyone traveling into their territory. However, this race of little human like creatures has always had a special relationship with the Crow Nation. On this episode we interview the Little People Hunters (LPH) of Montana. A group of young men who all attend high school together and are setting out to research and hopefully learn more about these stories and this race of miniature people. Please go subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them on Instagram. Also, keep an eye out for their first episode that will be released on their YouTube channel within the next week. 

YouTube: Little People Hunters


Instagram: @lph_mt

Website: Coming Soon

Episode 33 – Hell Hounds

For centuries there have been stories of hellish encounters with what many consider harbingers of doom. These malevolent tales span continents but regardless, these stories have very similar descriptions. The entity encountered is abnormally large, usually very dark black in color, with glowing red eyes. The encounters usually take place in a desolate location, very fitting for a truly chilling dance with a spawn of the devil. We want to send a special thanks to Clint and Matt at OK Talk Podcast for allowing us to use audio of Clint’s own Hell Hound encounter. If you aren’t subscribed to their podcast yet, please go do so. You can find them here https://oktalk.podbean.com/ and also on your favorite podcatcher. They are also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/oktalkshow/ , on Twitter @OkTalkShow and Instagram at OkTalkPodcast .

Episode 32 – Tensas River Monster

Rural Lousianna is an outdoorsman’s dream. The forests, bottomlands and waterways are full of all kinds of critters that can be hooked, trapped or hunted. However, what is the possibility that there could be an unexplained or undiscovered creature calling the Tensas River home? Hang out with us as we discuss the Tensas River Monster video. You can find the movie here:

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