Harrison Quinn, the quiet phantom of the unexplained reality podcast! Growing up in South Carolina, Harrison began his love of nature at a very early age. Ever since he was a little kid he has had an interest in prehistoric creatures. That passion began when he received his first dinosaur index when he was 7.  Around that time he did his first dinosaur excavation in his grandmother’s backyard, where he found a Tyrannosaurus bone…of course it was just a rock but the passion was already there. In the past 2 years, he has taken a serious interest in paleontology, developing his skills and broadening his knowledge of the subject. Harrison has a well rounded knowledge in many areas, some of which are astrology, strategy, science, and sleeping!


Bryan is a career IT guy who has always had an interest in anything pertaining to the phenomena known as Bigfoot. This interest started when he saw the Patterson Gimlin video on ‘In Search of’ with Leonard Nemoy when he was just a kid. This interest grew as he learned of stories of other strange encounters with the unexplained. Being born and raised in South Carolina he vividly remembers the Lizard Man craze of the 1980’s. This passion for the unexplained also entailed enthralling stories of alien encounters, UFO sightings and visitations by the infamous Men In Black! Hearing all of these second hand stories of experiences by different people could not prepare him for the experiences he and his family would have in their own home, over several years. These haunted encounters have just fueled the fire to learning more about the unexplained in our world. From strange experiences and encounters to lost history, the journey continues. Join Bryan and his son Harrison as they explore these Unexplained Realities!

And the one who really does not need an introduction, the infamous Queso! What can we say, we couldn’t leave him out! He is integral to providing unexpected background noise to our recordings, usually in the form of snoring and his little toe nails tapping around on the hardwood floors right when we start recording. Queso is 6 years old and is a full blooded Chihuahua and let me tell you, he lives up to the Chihuahua stereotype…actually he is a bit of an overachiever, however we wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t around to keep us all straight.

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